Celebrating Wider Achievement

At Melrose Primary School we are passionate about providing opportunities for our learners to take part in, and celebrate their own, activities which relate to wider achievement. There are a number of ways parents and friends of Melrose Primary School can help support us with this;    

1. Let us know about learner’s achievements – If your child has experienced a personal achievement let us know about it. We will share this with the rest of the school at one of our ‘Friday Fixtures’. Furthermore, if your child would like to share their achievement through pictures, video, sound or a demonstration please contact us and we will be able to support them to share their achievement in a creative way.
2. Lead by example – If, as an adult, you have a personal achievement that you would be happy to share with our learners then do not hesitate to contact us. We will endeavour to arrange some time for you to share your achievements. We would encourage parents and the wider community to do this as it is a very powerful way of engaging our learners with wider achievement.
3. Help us out! - To bring in the New Year at Melrose Primary School it is our intention to offer our learners some in-school opportunities for wider achievement. Learners will be offered a 6 week block of an experience that they may never have experienced before, enabling them to enjoy achievement in an area that is new to them. These experiences will take part on Friday mornings from 0850-1035.To help us facilitate this, we are looking for interested parents and friends of our school to come and offer to share their skills and, with support of the school staff, lead some of the experiences for the learners. We feel that the parents and friends of our school have a wide variety of skills and knowledge that, if shared with our learner’s, should enable us to provide a broad, active and engaging range of experience. It is also an excellent opportunity for some excellent collaborative work between the wider community and our school.  Types of experience may include;
• Physical experiences; e.g. a new sport such as judo, karate, parkour
• Creative experiences; e.g. photography, clay modelling, large collage
• Technical / creative experiences; film making, bird box construction, cookery
• Other life skills e.g. first aid skills 
If you think you can assist us in any of the ways mentioned above , please contact our Depute Head Teacher,  Jamie Wallace by e-mail at Jamie.Wallace@scotborders.gov.uk  or alternatively phone him at the school on 01896 822103. 

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