"The children and young people of Scotland need teachers who themselves exemplify the four capacities, who have a sense of community with their colleagues and who share in responsibility for the success of the school and all that happens within it."

Curriculum for Excellence, Education Scotland

Mrs Ruth Kidd

P3/4 Teacher

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Mrs Bree Lees and Mrs Rhea Kershaw

P4 Class Teachers

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Mrs Rachel Robson

P5 Teacher

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Mrs Gail Millar

P6M Teacher

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Mrs Rosie Ritchie

P6Z Teacher

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Miss Linsey Houghton

P7H Teacher

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Mrs Jill Robertson

P7R Teacher

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Mrs Dinah Wilson

Support for Learning (SfL)

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Denise Fairbairn

P.E. Teacher

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Miss Cathlene Brown


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