Teaching and Learning Overview – P6              Term: Oct - Dec 2018  

Learning Context:  Social Studies, Literacy and Expressive Arts

Through the context of learning about a French speaking country, we will:

  • use our reading and research skills to investigate climate and weather and its impact on living things – people, plants and animals
  • compare our findings with Scotland
  • use our writing skills to make notes from our research and use them to create our own texts
  • develop our French vocabulary about animals
  • learn about different types of art and using the visual elements will recreate our own pieces of art work
  • learn about traditional French dances and use what we have learned to create our own dances

Literacy: In our Literacy Circles we will develop our listening and talking skills. We will demonstrate that:

  • we can participate in group discussion
  • we can contribute and respond respectfully to others

ICT: We will be using a digital storytelling tool (StoryboardThat) to summarise sections of our reading books.

Numeracy and Maths: We will:

  • continue to use mental strategies to solve a variety of calculations and problems
  • develop and apply our knowledge of the column method to add, subtract, multiply and divide larger numbers and decimals
  • develop our knowledge of fractions, including equivalent fractions, simplifying and ordering

Health and Wellbeing: Through our dance exploration, we will develop our competency in: creativity, rhythm and timing, co-ordination and fluency and confidence and

self-esteem.     PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Homework: Ideas for homework activities will be sent home. Please encourage your child to carry out some of the activities and bring them in to school to share with the class when feedback will be given.

How you can support: Please read with your child at home and discuss the reading book with them. School reading books are only a part of your child’s reading. Regular reading of other material at home should also be encouraged.

Please also encourage your child to practise their Learn-its regularly to ensure they are retained.



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