Teaching and Learning Overview – P6              Term: Aug-Oct 2018    

Learning Contexts:  Food and Technology and the Local Area

Literacy and English: For reading, through the context of food, we will be learning to recognise techniques used to influence the reader, for example, word choice, emotive language, rhetorical questions and/or repetition. We will use what we have learned to create our own pieces of persuasive text, for example, designing a food advert. We will consider the impact that layout and presentation will have and can combine lettering, graphics and other features to engage the reader. Through drama activities, we will use our listening and talking skills to be able to recognise when food adverts try to influence us and how successful these are. We will then plan and deliver our own adverts, communicating clearly, audibly, using appropriate vocabulary and expression.

In French we will continue to consolidate and build on the vocabulary used in daily routines and personal information. We will also learn vocabulary and sentences relating to our study of the local area.

Numeracy and Maths: We will be using mental strategies to solve a variety of calculations and problems. We will be developing and applying our knowledge of the core skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as we continue to work with larger numbers and decimals. Through the context of our local area, we will develop our understanding of co-ordinates, compass points and scale.

Health and Wellbeing: In physical education, through hockey and striking and fielding activities and games, we will further develop our focus, communication and fine and gross motor skills. We will reinforce our understanding of the importance of respect through discussion of our new school rules. Through our exploration of food adverts we can begin to understand how to make healthy food choices using the information from food labelling systems.

PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Technology: For a design challenge, we will develop our problem solving strategies to design and construct a food package.  We will use our knowledge of 3D shape and nets. Through these activities, we will be extending our skills to evaluate our designs then adapt and improve them using trial and error.

Social Studies: We will explore our local area to learn about different places to live, work and relax and visit. We will apply our persuasive writing skills to create a leaflet persuading visitors to come to Melrose. We will also be interpreting information from different types of maps, beginning to locate key features.

Homework: Ideas for homework activities will be sent home. Please encourage your child to carry out some of the activities and bring them in to school to share with the class when feedback will be given.

How you can support: Please read with your child at home and discuss the reading book with them. School reading books are only a part of your child’s reading. Regular reading of other material at home should also be encouraged.

Please also encourage your child to practise their Learn-its regularly to ensure they are retained.