Teaching and Learning Overview – P6M                    Term: Aug-Oct 2017       

Learning Context:  Technology design challenge

Literacy and English: We will continue to develop our roles and apply our reading skills in our literacy circles.  We will further develop our listening and talking skills by contributing to discussion and supporting others. We will explore texts by Roald Dahl and through discussion we will look for similar patterns as we compare aspects of vocabulary, structure, characterisation and setting. We will use this as a stimulus for our own imaginative writing where we will be focusing on the structure of our own texts to ensure the setting and characters are described and developed and the storyline flow.                                                                             In French we will continue to consolidate and build on the vocabulary used in daily routines and personal information. We will also learn vocabulary and descriptive sentences relating to pets and other animals.

Numeracy and Maths: We will be using mental strategies to solve a variety of calculations and problems. We will be developing and applying our knowledge of the core skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as we continue to work with larger numbers and decimals. We will extend our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape and incorporate this in our design challenge.

Health and Wellbeing: In physical education, through hockey and striking and fielding activities and games, we will further develop our focus, communication and fine and gross motor skills. Using the texts by Roald Dahl and other activities, we will learn about the new school visions, values and aims and the role they play in our learning and personal development.                                                                                                        PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Technology: For our design challenge, we will use our drawing skills and Google SketchUp to design 3D models of the Hotel Magnificent from The Witches by Roald Dahl. We will develop our problem solving strategies when we use our designs to construct our buildings using a range of materials. Through these activities, we will be extending our skills to evaluate our designs then adapt and improve them using trial and error.

How you can support: Please read with your child at home and discuss the reading book with them. School reading books are only a part of your child’s reading. Regular reading of other material at home should also be encouraged.  Please also encourage your child to practise their Learn-its regularly to ensure they are retained.

Homework: This will be as and when appropriate.

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